Hayhut Natural Feeder
  Two Colors Available.  Feeding stations for up to 8 horses or mules, including minis!  Natural Feeder saves time, money, reduces risk of colic, stops bale bickering.  Holds up to 2000 lb. round bale or 20 square bales.  

This wonderful, smart product was invented only three years ago and has become an instant hit with everyone who buys one.  Now available NATIONWIDE.  Buyers actually tend to buy 5-10 based on how well they work and how much of an improvement they see.  Eliminates waste and spoilage for large round bales, saves time and money and stops bale bickering.  Allows your stock to graze contentedly without fights or bolting feed.  Reduces risk of sand colic.

They are extremely durable, safe, and do all the things a smart, value-added product should do:


230 lbs.  Polyethylene material - the same material used in McDonalds' childrens' slides!  Safe and durable.  Nontoxic, UV stabilized.

Stops bale bickering in pasture, allows horses to graze all day, reduces waste and spoilage, allows you to feed less often, and lasts a long time.  Reduces sand colic, risk of impaction, and horses are less likely to bolt their feed.

We use them and want to offer them to all our Customers and friends!


Two colors to choose from.  Green or Black . Dimensions are 84" x 72" x 84". You can even order half the feeder to provide for 4 feeding stations, just use locally bought plywood. Delivered in halves, the half unit measures 42" x 72" x 84". Bolts together in approximately 30 minutes. Easy to move, load, and maintain. A smart product and a very smart investment. We use them and want to make them available to all our Customers and friends!



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