Horse Packing VIDEO

Horse Packing VIDEO
Horse Packing Video & Clinics.
Our video has specialized Information regarding essential teaching tips and resource guides for Horse & Mule Packing and Long Rides. A life-long horseman, renowned trainer, clinician, and former Montana game warden, Brandon Carpenter presents this technical packing video for your instruction. He shares 2 1/2 hours of practical information from what type of rope works best, to saddles and saddle fit, to how to easily throw 11 different hitches to handle loads. This practical guide teaches: * Rope needs & knots * Packing panniers & boxes * Saddle types & fit * Building & packing manties * Saddle tree fitting * Tying & throwing hitches * Equipment needs & types * Packing game & antlers
Our video is a 2.5 Hour Specialized Training Tips for Packing Livestock.

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