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OS154 - Two Sizes/Two Colors Specialty Pack Halter
Availability: In Stock
Lighter Weight Version of the Pack Halter
A lighter weight version of the Mule Halter, the Packer's Halter is available in brown and orange. It is the perfect halter for anyone who hunts on horseback, rides trail in the fall or needs high-visibility riding gear. Like the Mule Halter, the Packer's Halter is made with high-tensile, triple-thick nylon webbing. It is designed with lead rope attachment rings for "side pull", "center pull" or "no pull", which allows the user to regulate cinching and tightening on the noseband. Designed without the leather noseband of our Mule Halter, it will fit well under any headstall. The Packer's Halter is available in two sizes: regular horse and large horse to fit most horses and mules.
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