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OS200 - Complete Picket Hobbling Kit with Steel Pin.

Used for Hobbling. Best Seller

Price: $94.95 / Each

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A picket line allows your mule or horse to graze in a limited area. Using a picket stake with your line allows you to put your horse in an open area, so you can avoid tree damage.

This picket kit includes:

20" forged steel picket pin with swivel top
30 feet of 5/8" soft cotton picket rope with a steel bull snap on each end
A TrailMax neoprene picket hobble
Zippered nylon storage bag
Weighs: 7 lbs
Dimensions: 22" x 10.5"

Please note: even experienced horses sometimes tangle themselves in the line, so you need to check on them often. If in doubt, you may want to use the picket line just for grazing during daylight hours and use a highline at night. Try to picket where the rope will not get hung up on rocks, logs or trees to protect both your horse and the environment. Also, if you camp in one place for an extended amount of time, be sure to move your picket often enough to prevent overgrazing and lower the impact on the environment.

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